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Make work life work well

Welcome to Do What Works. 

As a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist I am here to help you to understand what your people and organisation need to thrive. 

At Do What Works, we help in two ways:

  • Bespoke consultation and wellbeing support for organisations AND

  • Coaching Psychology for individuals

For organisations:

Collaborating through psychological consultation to help you to understand the needs of your organisation and ensure that your approaches are targeted and sustainable. Providing evidence based psychological interventions, training and approaches to wellbeing that deliver happy healthy productive effective workplaces, compassionate leadership and psychological safety. Elevating your organisation's wellbeing, performance and leadership.

For individuals: 

Elevating your wellbeing and performance through evidence based Coaching Psychology. Helping you to overcome challenges such as: perfectionism, worry, sleep difficulties, procrastination, self-criticism, stress and burnout, transitions such as a return to work after parental leave, team conflict. 

Do what works.

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Learn More About Me

Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist

I am a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist (HCPC registered, BPS Chartered, PhD, DClinPsy), with a MSc Health Psychology and Coaching Psychologist (MISCP) with twenty years of experience in applying human psychology to understand and deliver what works for people and teams. I have significant experience in psychological consultation, training and supervision delivering whole organisation approaches to wellbeing. I am an Accredited partner of BeTalent Zircon, trained to deliver their suite of organisational psychology assessment tools. 

Helping you build and sustain a work life based on your values, that works for you. 

Using Coaching Psychology to help you to increase your wellbeing, manage transitions back to work, or after important life events, elevate your performance, and improve your sleep using evidence based psychological techniques. If you notice yourself always striving to reach the next goal and never really feeling connected and mindful, I have the tools to help you to live the life that works for you. 

Helping you to build a psychologically informed workplace and help your people to thrive using; compassionate leadership, psychological safety in teams, building psychological flexibility in the workplace, resilience training, and stress management tools.

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